♡ Please be aware of possible delays due to worldwide shipping restrictions in response to COVID-19. PHB will operate as normal but there may be countries we can not ship to at this time or materials we can not obtain if we run out. If your order is affected, I will let you know personally. In the meantime, feel free to order. This shop is my income and I assure you I am stocked up on majority of my supplies! -Kaida H. ♡
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♡ Freebies are extras you can add to your order for no charge! They may be novelty items, destash items, or new items! ♡ 

♡ Rules: ♡ 

  • You must meet the minimum order amount (MOA) to qualify.
  • Only one freebie is allowed per order.
  • If your order doesn't qualify, I simply won't include the freebie when I ship your order. (No charge = no need for a refund.)
  • Repeat abuse of the freebie system will result in it being pulled from the shop. Please follow the rules for everyone's benefit.