♡ To your receive your order by Christmas, all items in the order must be 'Ready to Ship' and your order must be placed by December 20th (US only!) | I will be closing for the holidays December 20th at 12 pm MST!♡
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♡ Freebies are extras you can add to your order for no charge! They may be novelty items, destash items, or new items! ♡ 

♡ Rules: ♡ 

  • You must meet the minimum order amount (MOA) to qualify.
  • Only one freebie is allowed per order.
  • If your order doesn't qualify, I simply won't include the freebie when I ship your order. (No charge = no need for a refund.)
  • Repeat abuse of the freebie system will result in it being pulled from the shop. Please follow the rules for everyone's benefit.