♡ All "Made to Order" items (remakes, artist's choice, and customs included) MUST be ordered before November 1st at the latest if you want them to arrive by Christmas! I can not garuntee that any MTO orders placed after this deadline will arrive on time! ♡
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About Us

About Precious Heart Boutique

Precious Heart Boutique is a decoden and resin shop! Not only do I make decoden and resin items but I also carry decoden and resin craft supplies so that people can make their own creations.

Up to this point, the majority of what I carry has been handmade, or hand decorated, with a few items being from manufacturers and undecorated. However, in 2019 I plan to start adding more craft supplies, many of which are not handmade and won't be decorated. (i.e. jewelry making hardware, silicone molds, rhinestones, etc.) 

I always strive to create the best handmade products I can, find suppliers with high-quality products, and carry a large variety of themes, sizes, and colors. I am always working on improving the shop and expanding product variety, so new things are often being added to the shop.

About Precious Heart Pacifiers

Precious Heart Pacifiers is a product line in my shop. It was created for and dedicated to raising awareness for medical uses of adult pacifiers and inner child therapy, also called age regression. It was also created and dedicated to providing a safe space, free of fetish or illegal drug association, for the people who use pacifiers medically and/or participate in inner child therapy.

[Medical Uses of Adult Pacifiers]

[What is Age Regression]


About the Owner

Although I use the term "us" on my website occasionally, I am the only person running this shop. Us refers to both me as an individual and the shop as a whole. I do receive some help from my mother for tasks such as dropping packages off at the post office, paperwork, and packing orders. But that help is inconsistent and she can not help with much else since I am the artist behind the majority of the products I carry and the product images that I use on the website.

[04/01/19] Edit: I have recently acquired help from several people with social media management and content writing! I am still the only making products, ordering inventory, and fulfilling orders but with their help, I am able to spend less time on my computer and more doing the work that keeps this shop running. (Product production and order fulfillment.)

So who am I? Well, I go by Kaida Heart. Obviously, that's not my legal name. It's just one I use online for personal safety. I am 21 years old, she/her, and I live with my mom and service dog in Arizona. Career-wise, I suppose I would be considered an artist and an entrepreneur. 

I don't have many hobbies due to disability and the fact that I turned this hobby (decoden and resin) into a job of sorts. However, I do have a lot of shows, movies, games, and books that I like. I collect merch for them here and there but my big collection (aka the one I focus on) is My Little Pony from all eras. I currently don't have the space to display them but if/when I do, I will share pictures of my collection.