♡ Please be aware of possible delays due to worldwide shipping restrictions in response to COVID-19. PHB will operate as normal but there may be countries we can not ship to at this time or materials we can not obtain if we run out. If your order is affected, I will let you know personally. In the meantime, feel free to order. This shop is my income and I assure you I am stocked up on majority of my supplies! -Kaida H. ♡
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'Made to Order' Information Page

‘Made to Order’ Purchase Agreement

  1. You agree to read the listing details and instructions in their entirety. 
  2. You recognize that you are bound by all standard shop policies. (Full legal information can be found in the footer of my website.)
  3. You agree to provide proof of age if you want to request age restricted content. (See age restrictions section below)
  4. You acknowledge that this shop is run by a single person and that the time estimate I provide for processing is not exact time, only an estimation based on my past averages. Material delivery delays, family obligation, and medical emergencies can occur and delay your order. (If this occurs, I try to announce it publicly for everyone to see.) 
  5. You recognize that there is content/themes I will not use. (See banned content below.)
  6. You agree to leave an email that you can be reached at. Many MTO orders have follow up emails if I need to send you any forms or confirm any details. 

Standard Processing Time

As of [11/19/19] my average time in completing MTO orders is 2-8 weeks.

This time estimate is written in listing descriptions. If the average time changes, it may change on this page before changing on listings. It may take a couple weeks for the changed to reflect on listings because I have to edit each one individually. Please check here first for accurate times. I will also announce changes on social media. (@preciousheartboutique on Instagram is usually the first place I post updates.)

Made to Order Terms Glossary

♡ Made to Order - any items I hand make when they are ordered and that exceed 2-10 days in processing time. Materials may be in stock, may need to be ordered, or may need to be handmade. 

♡ Artist’s Choice - May also be referred to as a partial custom. A specific design with preset customization options. (i.e. theme, colors, phrases, etc)

♡ Artist’s Layout - A specific design with one or no customization options. 

♡ Custom Order - A product that is fully customizable within the realms of what the product is. Within the realms meaning you can’t add things I don’t offer or add entirely new products and call them “customization.” (Example:  I don’t offer embedding mirrors in resin keychains. And if you order a custom transparency sheet you can request custom stickers in addition to the sheet. Anything like that would be considered a special order.)

♡ Request a Remake - Exclusively available for decorated adult pacifiers. Choose any past designs to be remade from a gallery of available designs. I will recreate the design to the best of my ability. (The oldest designs that use paper or fabric embellishments may be made with resin replicas if I can not re-obtain the fabric/paper ones) You can also choose which mouthpiece it is remade with. 

♡ Special Order - If you would like to request something I do not offer on my website, you can submit a description or explanation of what you are wanting and I will let you know if I can or can’t do it. I may also tell you if I can but at a later date. If I can, I will also give you a price quote after a bit of materials research. 

♡ MTO - acronym, Made to Order

♡ RAR - acronym, Request a Remake

‘Made to Order’ Age Restrictions

This is content that I am fine with making but is either restricted due to laws or due to personal comfort. I am bound by the laws of the United States and Arizona. Just because something has a different age restriction where you live (a different state, country, etc) does not change the fact that I am based in Arizona, USA and so those laws apply here. 

I will require proof of age before I will make these. Photo ID is the easiest to check but I will accept birth certificates or other legal documents that contain your name and birth date. You are free to cross out any personal info. I just need to see your name and birth date. 

  • 21+ Content - Alcohol references
  • 18+ Content - Sexual references, marijuana references, smoking/tobacco references, crude humor
  • 16+ Content - Swearing, gore (Neither are laws, but personal discomfort. Please respect that.)

If I find that you have used a fake ID, someone else's ID, or bought restricted content for someone under the age requirement, you will be blacklisted from my shop.

‘Made to Order’ Banned Content

Most banned content is banned for ethical and legal reasons. I only have a few that are just personal discomforts. Please don’t try to argue with me about any banned content. I won’t reply if you do. 

Personal Discomfort: 

  • Ouiji Boards & Planchettes (I don’t think they are satanic or dangerous like other people. I actually am perfectly fine with most occult and witchy items. So don’t think this is a ban on all occult themes.) 
  • Weeping Angels
  • Teeth (teeth in a picture of someone smiling is okay. I mean rotting teeth or teeth out of the mouth.)

Ethical & Legal:

I will not, under any circumstances make any of the following:

  • anything in support of hate groups (i.e. KKK, Nazis, etc)
  • anything promoting harm to yourself or others (yes, this means self-harm)
  • anything that is hateful towards another person or group of persons
  • anything that glorifies mental illness (Glorifying means encouraging people to worsen their mental health or engage in self-harm, not things that are meant to raise awareness or encourage coping/recovery.)
  • anything that features or promotes illegal or immoral behavior (i.e. illegal drug use, abuse, pedophilia, etc)
  • the fetishization of kids, races, disability, abuse, and anything else I haven't heard of yet that fits these categories.

Additional: I will not copy other people's designs or use stolen art. Do not ask me to remake another shop's items for you. I will inform them of your actions. If you want to use someone's art that is not your own, you must obtain express written permission from them. You can request your own art (unless it is traced) and official images. 

I reserve the right to turn down things not on this list, that I just haven't heard of yet. I know there probably are things I haven't heard of yet because I keep finding out about things every month or so. 

Requesting any of the "Ethical & Legal" banned content will get you blacklisted from my shop and your order will be canceled without refund. I have a no refunds policy, to begin with. I will not make an exception for anyone who is in support of something so harmful or immoral that it's not only banned from my shop, but also from most websites and social platforms.

I take this type of request seriously. I've put this warning on this page, the custom order information page, and I say to read the content guidelines and restrictions on custom order listings. There is no room for people to claim they didn't know. It is your responsibility to read what you are purchasing online.