♡ All "Made to Order" items (remakes, artist's choice, and customs included) MUST be ordered before November 1st at the latest if you want them to arrive by Christmas! I can not garuntee that any MTO orders placed after this deadline will arrive on time! ♡
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Order Processing

Processing Labels
  • Ready to Ship - Items I have already made and in my physical inventory. The estimated time is 2-10 days, depending on how close you order to the day I "batch pack" orders. If external factors delay this, I usually announce it. 
  • Preorder - Items I do not have in my physical inventory. TIme varies on how fast the preorder funding goal is met. A projected time estimate is given in the listing details. It may or may not be accurate, especially if it is a one-time preorder campaign since I would not have an average time for those. 
  • Made to Order - Items I may or may not have materials for and need to make from scratch. This includes the subtypes of artist's choice, remake, and custom order. Time varies based on how many orders I have in my queue. The estimated time is written in the listing details. 
What is Order Processing Time?

The very first thing you need to know is that order processing time is NOT the same thing as shipping time. I thought this was common sense information, especially for "made to order" and "preorder" items where it gives an estimated processing time that is clearly different from the estimated shipping time shown at checkout. But apparently, it is not, as I have received many messages and emails, some simply impatient and some downright hostile, because they haven't received their order within the time frame shown on their shipping estimate at checkout. 

I pack and ship orders in batches about once a week, because I can not get to the post office every day. Processing time includes (when applicable): creating designs, making orders, customizing orders, sorting orders, packing orders, packing treat bags for orders, double checking before sealing, triple checking before sealing, sealing, wrapping in a poly mailer, and then printing and attaching the shipping label.

Your order is never the only one I'm working on. I pack ready to ship items in order of when they were placed. Most 'made to order' items are made in batches when possible to cut down on wasting supplies. I also work on premade items, website maintenance, inventory organization, message and email response, YouTube videos, social media content, and things in my personal life throughout this. I point this out because I have had customers who genuinely believed I start working on their order the second I receive it and work on it nonstop until it is done. That is extremely unrealistic since to do that I need to have no other orders, no other shop work, and nothing in my personal life that needs to be done. 

Message from the Owner/Artist

One extremely important fact that everyone who orders from me needs to keep in mind is that I am ONE person. I am not Amazon with thousands of workers and warehouses, able to pack and ship every order within the same day and ship it through priority (2 days) without reimbursement. I am also not a corporate business like Walmart or Target, who has hundreds of thousands of employees and millions of dollars to get everything to you within a week.I mention this specifically because I actually HAVE had a few people complain about processing and shipping times and use "well Amazon never takes more than 2 days" as a reason to be demanding free items or full refunds. 

I am one person. I also have limitations that some small shops do not have. Mainly, the fact that I am chronically ill and physically disabled. As a direct result of this, processing times are ESTIMATES ONLY, based on my averages in completing the same or similar items in the past. But sometimes external issues arise that I can not prevent. Such things that may cause delays are health problems I can't work around (although I always try to find a way), family emergencies, financial emergencies, hospitalizations, and transportation issues. (Transportation because I can't drive due to disability and rely on others to take me to ship items or go on supply runs.) My averages are usually pretty consistent, but again, things happen. I make announcements when they do. 

In summary, if you want Amazon 2 day shipping and can't handle the possibility of delays, don't order from me. It is as simple as that. I am not forcing you to order from me. If you aren't okay with small, one person shop processing times, don't order from them. Especially if you intend to hassle them for not living up to multimillion/billion dollar company standards.