Shop Policies

Terms of Service

The full terms of service are in the footer of the checkout page. You can also read them below.

[Full Terms of Service]


Returns, Refunds, Exchanges

  • I have a strict no refunds policy. The buyer is responsible for reading the listings in their entirety. 
  • Exchanges and returns are only permitted if you have been sent the wrong item by accident and you are returning the incorrect item to exchange it for the correct item.

Shipping Disclaimers

  • Make sure that you have input the correct address. I ship to the address you provide and I am not responsible if you provide an incorrect one.
  • I am not responsible for USPS error. This includes delays in delivery, inability to deliver, delivery to the incorrect address, damages, and lost packages. I have no control over USPS, their service, or their employees. Once I had the package over to them, it is out of my hands. I can direct you to the correct report forms on their website, but there isn't anything more I can do. 

I will add more summary sections if anyone wants me to! A lot of what's in the full terms of service is legal jargon pertaining to website hosting, privacy laws, etc.