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Special Order Content Guidelines & Restrictions

Age Restricted Content

This is content that I am fine with making but is either restricted due to laws or due to personal comfort. I am bound by the laws of the United States and Arizona. Just because something has a different age restriction where you live (a different state, country, etc) does not change the fact that I am based in Arizona, USA and so those laws apply here. 

I will require proof of age before I will make these. Photo ID is the easiest to check but I will accept birth certificates or other legal documents that contain your name and birthdate. You are free to cross out any personal info. I just need to see your name and birthdate. 

  • 21+ Content - Alcohol references
  • 18+ Content - Sexual references, marijuana references, smoking/tobacco references, crude humor
  • 16+ Content - Swearing, gore (Neither are laws, but personal discomfort. Please respect that.)

If I find that you have used a fake ID, someone else's ID, or bought restricted content for someone under the age requirement, you will be blacklisted from my shop. 

Banned Content

I will not, under any circumstances make any of the following:

  • anything in support of hate groups (i.e. KKK, Nazis, etc)
  • anything promoting harm to yourself or others (yes, this means self-harm)
  • anything that is hateful towards another person or group of persons
  • anything that glorifies mental illness (Glorifying means encouraging people to worsen their mental health or engage in self-harm, not things that are meant to raise awareness or encourage coping/recovery.)
  • anything that features or promotes illegal or immoral behavior (i.e. illegal drug use, abuse, pedophilia, etc)
  • the fetishization of kids, races, disability, abuse, and anything else I haven't heard of yet that fits these categories.

I reserve the right to turn down things not on this list, that I just haven't heard of yet. I know there probably are things I haven't heard of yet because I keep finding out about things every month or so. 

Requesting any of the banned content will get you blacklisted from my shop and your order will be canceled without refund. I have a no refunds policy, to begin with. I will not make an exception for anyone who is in support of something so harmful or immoral that it's not only banned from my shop, but also from most websites and social platforms.

I take this type of request seriously. I've put this warning on this page, the custom order information page, and I say to read the content guidelines and restrictions on custom order listings. There is no room for people to claim they didn't know. It is your responsibility to read what you are purchasing online.