♡ Please be aware of possible delays due to worldwide shipping restrictions in response to COVID-19. PHB will operate as normal but there may be countries we can not ship to at this time or materials we can not obtain if we run out. If your order is affected, I will let you know personally. In the meantime, feel free to order. This shop is my income and I assure you I am stocked up on majority of my supplies! -Kaida H. ♡
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Special Order Information

Types of Special Orders

Artist Choice

  • I provide a preset design. These are customizable to a point. The listing will have fields for you to choose specifications such as colors, hardware, themes, etc. Allowed specifications vary per design. 
  • Some of these orders, I will contact you for confirmation on things (i.e. a specific centerpiece or pattern of ribbon) while others I don't send pictures for confirmation simply because I'm just remaking what was pictured, but in a different color or another minor variation. 

Request a Remake

  • You can submit a request for me to remake something I've made before that is no longer in stock. If I still have the materials or am able to obtain them again, I am happy to remake things. (Unless it was a custom order and the person ordering specifically asked me not to remake it.)
  • I do not send pictures for confirmation for remakes since I am remaking something you've seen before without changing anything. 
  • If you want anything to be altered, added, or removed, that would be considered a custom order. (Or an artist's choice if it's available as one.) 

Custom Order

  • You can customize your order with virtually no limits. The only limits being what is physically possible and within the parameters of the product. For example, I can't fully cover the shield of a glitter coated pacifier with rhinestones because it would hide the glitter. And I can't make a keychain to match a decorated pacifier because those are two different products. 
  • I will always send pictures for confirmation for custom orders. 
Purchase Agreement

Standard store policies (Terms of Service) apply to all custom order listings just the same as premade and preorder listings. They are not exempt from store policies. (i.e. No returns, refunds, exchanges. No reselling at a higher price than you paid. etc.)

[Go to Store Policies]

Each listing specifies any additional terms other than my standard store policies. (i.e. estimated wait times, what can be customized, etc.) By purchasing, you agree that you have read the listing entirely, understood it, and are agreeing to it. 

Special orders come in 3 types (Listed above.) By purchasing you have agreed that you have read the listing and acknowledged what type of custom it is. 

When ordering customs, you agree to either check your email or leave a social media to account in the order notes for me to contact you if need be. I do state on each listing if I will need to contact you but even for ones I don't I may contact you to update you if any obstacles delay your order. (i.e. running out of a specific material and needing to order and wait for more.)

Each listing will describe how to order and if any additional steps are needed. (i.e. emailing me a picture, leaving something in the order notes, etc.) Please make sure to read and complete any additional instructions. Not doing so may delay your order. 

Custom order estimated wait times are just that, estimates. The estimation is based on how long past orders have taken. These wait times may be shorter or longer. By purchasing you are saying that you understand that the listed wait times are only estimates and that things may come up that require more time. Things that may cause delays include needing to order more supplies, issues with resin that require me to start part(s) over, issues with suppliers, or even health issues. (This is a one person shop. If I am ill or hospitalized, there isn't another me.) On the other hand, orders may be finished sooner than estimates if I have all the supplies on hand, all the resin cabochons already made, and don't run into any issues like resin overspills. 

If you request content that is age restricted, you agree that you will send me a picture of your photo ID. If I find that you are using a fake ID, someone else's ID, or you are ordering on behalf of someone under that age restriction, you will be permanently blacklisted from my store. 

If you request content that is not allowed for anyone of any age, your order will be canceled without refund and you will be blacklisted from my store. 

[Content Guidelines & Restrictions]

Information on this website can change at any time (as stated in my terms of service) so please be sure to at least skim through the listings if you have already read them and ordered in the past. Just so that if anything has changed since your last order, you will catch it.