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Wholesale Program

What is Wholesale

Wholesale is when you order a larger quantity, or bulk order, for lower prices than the individual, or retail, pricing. Bulk orders are available with tiered pricing. This means quantity ranges (i.e. 1 to 5 pieces) are given different pricing per piece. The higher the quantity you order, the lower the price. Bulk orders are always cheaper than buying a high quantity at an individual/retail price per piece. 

How to Order

Email me at phboutique.contact@gmail.com and include which product you are interested in bulk ordering and how many pieces you are looking to order. I will then ask for any applicable information needed to create an invoice for you. (i.e. colors, shipping details, designs, etc.)

Plain Adult Pacifiers

14 colors available: You can check my plain adult pacifier or custom adult pacifier listings yourself for images of all 14 colors or you can email me for the images. 

15 - 50 pcs  $3.35 each
51 - 100 pcs $3.25 each
101 - 300 pcs $3.15 each
301 - 500 pcs $3.05 each
501 - 750 pcs $2.95 each
751 - 1000 pcs $2.85 each
1001 - 5000 pcs $2.75 each
5001+ pcs email me for a custom quote

Clear Adult Pacifier Teats

Images can be found under Products > Precious Heart Pacifiers > Adult Pacifiers > Adult Pacifier Teats

11 - 30 pcs $2.00 each
31 - 60 pcs  $1.75 each
61 - 100 pcs $1.50 each
101+ pcs email me for a custom quote

1 Inch Button Pins
15 - 20 pcs $1.00 each
21 - 75 pcs $0.96 each
76 - 149 pcs $0.95 each 
150+ pcs $0.94 each

Bulk Special Orders

If there is something you want to order in bulk that isn't listed here, feel free to email me. I will consider taking bulk special orders depending on if it is possible for me to fulfill it in bulk and if I have the time and health to fulfill a special order at that time.