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Mint Green Adult Pacifier

Mint Green Adult Pacifier

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Adult pacifiers are a tool one can use to self-soothe. They may also be used to quit smoking, decrease snoring, or disrupt teeth grinding among many other things. They have both a larger teat and a larger shield in comparison to a baby pacifier to make it easier for an adult or teen to hold in their mouth comfortably. 

If a large shield is uncomfortable for the user, take a look at our modified adult pacifier (https://preciousheartpacifiers.shop/collections/modified-adult-pacifiers) collection! They have a baby-sized shield with an adult teat.

This pacifier is mint green with your choice of an opaque or clear teat. Opaque teats have a soft, velvety texture to them. Clear teats are smooth and have extra silicone in the sides to reinforce the teat against minor chewing.

If the user is an avid chewer, we recommend our exclusive teether pacifier (https://preciousheartpacifiers.shop/collections/precious-hearts-teether-pacifiers) . An invention of our own, it is an adult pacifier with a solid silicone ring instead of a hollow silicone teat.

Product Dimensions

* Shield Dimensions: 6.65 cm (W) x 4.75 cm (H)
* Shield Material: Polypropylene Plastic
* Teat Dimensions: 5 cm (L) 3 cm (W)
* Teat Material: BPA and latex free opaque OR clear silicone



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Good Quality
Every listing includes both order processing and shipping information. Where it is not included in the summary due to limited space, there is a link. It is the 'Read More' in brackets after the summary. On top of that there is a popup when you first attempt to add something to your cart that reiterates that processing times and shipping times are different things. I'm not sure how I could make it any clearer but if you have any ideas, please let me know. I checked your order to see if it was possibly delayed due to COVID19 but it shipped earlier within of the standard processing time. Standard time is 2-10 business days. It shipped in 5. Even if there was a misunderstanding about our hours (closed on the weekend) it was still under 10 days including the weekend. I'm sorry if that wasn't quick enough for you, but please keep in mind that small shops are usually comprised of only a handful of people or even just one. In our case, there are two of us now. Small shops do their best but are often unable to meet expectations set in consumers by Amazon Prime's 2 day shipping.

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